Thanks to Mariani's several designs, a transparent and serious commerical policy, GRAAF has gained, in a few short years, reliability and importance in markets worldwide.

Great care has been taken in selecting the finest components avaiable and many are supplied by companies which guarantee the ISO 9002 certificate.
The extremely faithful sound reproduction is guaranteed by the choice of highly sophisticated circuits employed in all GRAAF's units.

The OTC/OTL configurations, DC-coupling between the different stages, the perfect symmetry of every circuit from the input to the output, the use of differential stages, the use of unusual techniques for the termal drift checking, the careful selection of each tube, the choice of passive non-inductive components and of precision components, are some of the most important characteristics of GRAAF products.

GRAAF guarantees the highest quality avaiable and offers, in addition, an excellent quality/price ratio on all products.
The range of products is very wide. The range goes from the integrated amplifier to the most glamorous amplifiers, the top of the range being the GM200. These units, together with all the other models of preamplifiers and amplifiers produced by GRAAF are able to satisfy all kinds of market needs.


GRAAF Gruppo Ricerche Audio Alta Fedeltà, was founded in December 1985, the outcome of a meeting between a small group of people with one thing in common, a strong passion for High-Fidelity and an unbounded confidence in the designer and partner of the company, Mr. Giovanni Mariani

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