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GRAAFiti Multi-channel VT 5.35


In recent years the development of home cinema systems of an increasingly sophisticated level has created a growing interest in high quality multiamplification systems. Moreover the introduction of new screen techniques aimed at greater emotional involvement by the audience have led to the need for equally spectacular and convincing sound effects. This area of the audio market is known by the name of HomeTheatre. In this sector, where the correct and realistic reproduction of sound plays a decisive role, GRAAF is pleased to present for its customers a multichannel amplifier of outstanding quality and great reliability. The GRAAFiti VT 5.35 has five power channels, each of which is able to provide 50 Watts into any load of between 4 and 1 6 Ohms.

VT 535

The configuration used for each channel consists of a complementary pair of mosfets in push-pull, driven by a twin triode 6922 valve (professional version of the ECC88) which also provides the required voltage gain. The excellent driving capability, even into difficult or reactive loads allows any type of loudspeaker to be connected to the VT5.35. Great care has been taken to provide fast-acting protection circuits which allow the VT 5.35. to resist high output current and even short-circuit for several seconds, ensuring complete safety for the loudspeakers.

     The five power output circuit boards are all identical and fully modular. This guarantees an identical level and quality of sound reproduction on all channels. The VT 5.35. power supply consists of two transformers followed by three rectifier stages with their own stabilising and filter circuits.
VT 535 The components used in this amplifier are of high quality heavy duty standard, and use metal film and wire-wound resistors, polypropylene capacitors and toroidal transformers with low magnetic-flux loss. One of the parameters decided in the early design stage was that the amplifier should be indestructible even when used in extreme conditions. This was in order to guarantee the highest possible level of reliability in conditions of continuous heavy use. We believe we have fully achieved this objective thanks to the generosity of the circuit solutions adopted in both the design and construction of the VT 5.35.
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Tecnical Data:

Output Power: 35W + 35 W RMS any channel
Output impedance: 4 16 ohms
Input sensitivity 900 mV
Input Impedance 47 Kohms
Total Harmonic Distortion 0,1% (a 1 W)
Signal/Noise ratio 90 dBA
Frequency response da 5 Hz a 400 KHz (-3 dB a 1 W)
Power Response: 5 Hz - 100 KHz
Damping Factor : 50
Negative Feedback : 6 dB
Power requirements 105 120 / 210 240 V
Power use : in riposo 80 W
Dimension (L x H x P): 410 x 105 x 380 mm
Weight: 15 Kg
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